Trump transition ready to shank NASA

Climate Central reports:

Scientists and policy watchers have been sounding the alarm bell that NASA’s climate work could be in jeopardy ever since Donald Trump’s election last month.

That’s due in large part to some of his advisors saying the agency should be focused on space exploration and not wasting money observing the earth. But the alarm started ringing louder last week with the announcement that Chris Shank, the deputy chief of staff to Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), will be heading the transition at the agency.

Shank is also policy and coalition director for the House Science, Space and Technology Committee (you know, the committee responsible for that tweet last week) and a former NASA senior official during the Bush era, a period when scientists said they were being censored.

Now Shank will be in charge of helping lay out the priorities for the next NASA administrator and if his past is any indication, NASA’s $1.9 billion earth science budget will be square in the crosshairs.

We’ve discussed before how incredibly stupid it would be to slash NASA’s Earth Science Division. Bill McKibben compared this to “tossing out all the smoke detectors in your house.”

This administration looks intent on fighting science. It’s up to the citizens to fight back.

(Image: The Global Precipitation Measurement satellite, which monitors rain and snow worldwide. Credit: NASA)